Below is my showreel, made in 2020 :

 Below is a video about Baja California, in Mexico :

 Promotional vidéo about a french freediving instructor in Baja California : Benoît FRANCHET :

 Below is my first showreel, made in 2017. It presents my work (experience, certification, material used)

 and gives an overview of my technical and artistic abilities in terms of shooting and video editing

 Below the video made about the second Diable de mer (Mediterranean devil ray) expedition, in 2020. The objective was to present the team, and to show the installation of the GPS tracker on a Mediterranean devil ray, for the first time in the French Mediterranean sea :

  Below the clip of Reine solitude, composed and interpreted by Caroline MENNIELLO :

Below the documentary Diable de mer : l’ange de la Méditerranée, made in 2020 :

 Promotional vidéo : night club l’Excalibur and restaurant Plein Sud. Vidéo made en 2020 :


 Raja Ampat IMMERSION (Indonesia). Vidéo made in 2019 :

 Promotional video : campsite**** Marmotel, made in 2019 :

 Promotional video : Château de La Falque, made in 2018 :


 2017 : Doris WETZEL tente de traverser la Méditerranée en kitefoil. Cameraman et photographe de l’expédition, j’en ai

 réalisé un résumé vidéo :

  Here are some videos I made by passion, before I became a professional filmmaker :